Mc Sureshock

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In Australia’s mainstream music business, the MC Shureshock moniker is a familiar one.
Within the country’s thriving dance music scene, Shureshock’s reputation is legendary.
The performer (real name Cameron James Brown) is a heavyweight of the dance culture, a triple-threat comprising talent, versatility and durability. Shureshock has crashed the national sales charts and entertained 100s of thousands of fans at home and abroad.

It’s no surprise that the plaudits have come hard and fast over a stellar career, during which time Shureshock has joined forces with many of the globe’s finest DJs, from Carl Cox to Goldie. And this year is proving to be another frenetic one for the artist, who is striding towards the next phase of his recording career with a new label DubRave Records and a thumping new club night.

April 5, 2015